About us

Minimelts Worldwide

Setting a new trend in ice-cream making, Minimelts is now popular with kids and adults, alike, winning thousands of raving fans across the world, and making other brands follow in our footsteps.

Another fun fact is that Minimelts preserve its natural flavor, adding no air, and no water, just real cream made of the super-premium ingredients.

Minimelts Egypt

Brought to Egypt by Mini for food manufacturing; we have adopted the global standards and process of delivering Minimelts to different markets around the globe.

Minimelts' unique, superior flavors are enhanced by being stored and served at an extremely low temperature, which creates an outstanding cold sensation while the ice-cream melts in your mouth...

"FYI" Minimelts is not just an ice-cream, it is an unparalleled state of happiness that happens in your mouth. Yummy!

Mini for food manufacturing

We, at Minimelts Egypt for Food Manufacturing have always believed in setting new standards in the service and the F&B sectors, at large.

That is to say, mini got initially created to generate happiness and joyful moments via its wide array of "mini" products. Meaning, a number of mini things that make you feel jubilant can lead to a big joyful mood in your heart, as indulging in Minimelts, dissimilar bites of happiness throughout the day is better than getting stuck with merely one big, boring choice.

Mini was born to help these up-and-coming generations shrink their potential option set down to a more manageable size. With that being said, mini takes immense pride in launching its first brand Minimelts, the world's coolest, extraordinarily popular ice-cream, for the first time in the Egyptian market.